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Geoff Griffiths Plumbing and Heating Ltd are experienced installers of solar hot water heating systems, with full MCS and REAL assurance accreditation. Solar water heating or solar thermal, as it is also known, is a well established technology with over 100,000 systems installed in homes and commercial buildings throughout the UK. It is one of the best value green energy technologies and simple to install and use.

The main benefit of solar thermal systems are, they can be used in conjunction with most current/conventional hot water systems. We offer solar water heating systems from a range of manufacturers. We can install or supply flat plate and evacuated tube systems.

How does Solar Thermal Work?

Solar panels are made up of cells which contain liquid. It is this liquid which absorbs solar radiation (energy) which heats up. The roof solar panels are connected to a hot water cylinder via pipes which allows the heat to be transported. When heat is gathered in the water cylinder it can then be used by the boiler for distribution.

Energy output of solar thermal relates to latitude and levels of direct sunlight. Solar thermal might provide up to 70 percent of the average homes hot water needs, depending on the amount of hot water used, and levels of energy efficiency in place. However, the Energy Saving Trust information is that a more accurate figure is lower than this.

Benefits of solar thermal

  • Solar thermal should work all year round during the day but consumers will probably need to heat the water further in winter months, using a boiler or immersion heater.
  • Solar thermal can be incorporated into most current/conventional hot water systems
  • Solar thermal can save on fuel bills
  • Solar thermal should be eligible for renewable heat incentives
  • Solar thermal can cost a lot less to install than other microgeneration technologies
  • Solar thermal does not cost more than £5000.

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